Our Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy is a treatment approach that is designed to restore, maintain and enhance optimal physical function and mobility. Each treatment progression is individualized to the patient and the condition from which they suffer. Physical therapy typically addresses: recovering from an existing injury, preventing the advancement of physical limitations, minimizing mobility restrictions, or resolving disabilities caused by accidents, sports, occupational related injuries, diseases or other conditions.

About Our Approach, Specialty Areas & Conditions We Treat

Our clinics provide comprehensive outpatient physical therapy. Our therapists’ advanced training in spine care and other orthopedic conditions serves to provide a conservative treatment approach that often allows the patient to choose self-management of their diagnosis in lieu of the need for surgery or other invasive approaches. One of our board-certified and licensed physical therapists will oversee your care.



Gridiron Rehab & Athletic Fitness Clinic

Gridiron Rehab facility
Gridiron Rehab facility
Gridiron Rehab facility