No. The State of Idaho does not require a prescription, unless you are on Medicare, Medicad or Tri-care. When you obtain a physician's prescription please promptly call our office to schedule an appointment.
First evaluations typically take between 45-60 minutes and follow-up evaluations range from 45-60 minutes depending upon the diagnosis. Your therapist will discuss with you the expectations for your recovery, and will help you to set realistic goals and timelines to complete your recovery.
Gridiron Rehab & Athletic Fitness Clinic is an in-network provider for most managed health care plans. Please contact us to confirm that we accept your insurance. All out of pocket expenses, including copays, may be paid with cash, check or a major credit card.
Yes. Before your appointment please print and complete our Online Patient Information Forms. This will expedite your visit and allow our staff to determine if there are any pre-existing conditions that may prevent you from being able to receive rehabilitation from Gridiron Rehab & Athletic Fitness Clinic.
It is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes. Additionally, please bring any braces, splints, or similar equipment that you are using.Please avoid wearing jeans, tight fitting clothes, skirts, dresses, low-cut or revealing clothing.
On your first day of therapy, remember to bring a photo ID, your insurance information, any paper referrals, insurance pre-authorization, prescriptions, and any copies of diagnostic tests or procedures.
Physical Therapy should not hurt for the majority of diagnoses, but there may be a small amount of muscle soreness 1-2 days following an initial evaluation and the start of an exercise program. We encourage consistent performance of the individual home exercise program and the use of ice for 10-15 minutes post exercise. The patient should stop any activity that creates significant pain and they should call their physical therapist immediately.
Following an initial evaluation your therapist will fax a copy of the evaluation to the referring physician. They also fax all pertinent progress notes and discharge summaries. If necessary, the therapist will call your physician with any questions regarding progress or diagnosis. It is expected that a patient inform the physical therapist of all upcoming doctor appointments.

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